Beginners Guide to Betting on Cricket

Yebo Casino’s Beginners Guide to Betting on Cricket

Welcome to this concise but valuable beginners guide to betting on cricket. The cricket experts have curated the information covered in this guide at Yebo Casino, and we hope that you find this a valuable resource for starting out betting on sports in South Africa.

We aren’t going to deconstruct every piece of cricket betting knowledge, saving that for later because if we did then this guide would drag on forever!

This resource is for anyone, and it won’t matter if you are getting started with the sport, a complete newcomer to sportsbooks or you are a seasoned gambler. We are confident that there is something to learn for everyone.

Let’s get cracking!

Best Cricket Games to Bet On

Did you know that there are multiple variations of cricket that are played not just here in South Africa but around the world too? It’s easy to bet on all three because the rules don’t change too much between them, it’s mostly the duration or length of games.

This means betting on the best cricket games is beginner-friendly.

Types of Cricket Games

The modern game has three versions, and all three have plenty of markets to choose from. Cricket games include:

  • Test match cricket
  • One day cricket
  • Twenty20 cricket

Test matches are the longer format with games lasting four innings that stretch over a maximum of five days. Each team gets to bat twice and field twice. This variant of the game is played with a slow and steady approach.

One day cricket is a medium-length game. These are played typically from the early afternoon and go until night time under lights. Each team plays fifty overs each (one over is a minimum of six balls being bowled). One day cricket is faster, with players aiming for more big hits to speed up the scoring.

Finally, the Twenty20 cricket format is a fast-paced limited-overs game, where both teams face twenty overs each. The aim of this is to be exciting, plenty of sixes and big slogs to get the crowd excited. It is usually played over a few hours at night.

Have a Bet on the Game You Enjoy Watching Most

Remember, sports betting is all about having fun and adding another layer of excitement to the game. They all feature similar markets, and we find that it’s best to simply focus on betting on the game you enjoy the most.

For beginners, we recommend starting with Twenty20 cricket because you’ll likely fall in love with the game too. Test matches can be exhausting — it is five days of sunburn, wind, and slow-paced action after all.

As you’d expect, cricket has all the usual markets that you can find in other traditional sports. These are the head to head markets like picking wins, losses, and draws. On top of that, there are also several fantastic cricket-focused betting markets.

These popular cricket bets are enjoyable to place because they are very individual-focused.

What this means is that if you have a favourite player or someone that is a talented athlete, you can win a lot of money if they are performing well and often found on the verge of hitting or bowling fantastic stats.

What we consider as the most popular cricket bets include:

  • Head to head — win/lose/draw
  • Top batsman
  • Top wicket-taker
  • To score (50 or 100)
  • Next batsman out
  • Over/under for runs in an innings
  • Over/under for total runs
  • First dismissal method

Head to Head Bets

They’re straightforward, but that doesn’t mean these aren’t great bets to go with. We recommend placing your pick on the outright winner but also supplementing this with one of the more intricate wagers too.

Top Batsmen

Anything can happen with this market, but it’s a popular one because of the ‘superstar’ status. With a top batsman bet you simply select who is going to score the most runs.

Top Wicket-Taker

Just like the batsman bets, placing a punt on the top wicket-taker is precisely that — which of the bowlers is going to take the most wickets throughout the match.

You will also see variations of this which relate to specific innings, as well as the potential for hat-tricks (three wickets in three balls).

To Score

A to score bet comes in two forms, to score 50 or to score 100. These are popular bets that are placed on a batsman and are successful if that batter scores the necessary half-century or ton.

Next Batsman Out

Two batsmen forming quite the partnership at the crease? Well, this bet lets you pick who is going to be the next one to fall victim to a dismissal. It’s a popular wager because the odds are forever changing depending on how the swing of the game is going.

Over/Under for Runs in an Innings

Over/under markets are popular in all sports. Sportsbooks will set a target, for example, 500 runs, and then they will give odds for the result being over or under that target. These are a great bet to place because it doesn’t matter if your team loses — provided they cover the spread.

This bet, in particular, is for a single inning.

Over/Under for Total Runs

Just like the previous wager, it’s possible to place an over/under bet for the total runs scored by a team or by both teams combined in a match, too.

First Dismissal Method

Add some excitement to those first few balls of the game, and this is your chance to take your pick from a variety of different methods for the batsmen to get out. Whether its LBW, bowled straight, caught from behind or caught in the field.

Different dismissal methods will feature higher or lower odds too depending on the game and players bowling etc.

It’s also possible to pick who the first wicket-taker might be.

Well, we hope you have liked this introductory beginners guide to betting on cricket. Remember to check out our site for the latest markets and up to the minute odds at the best online sportsbooks.

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