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Drinking and Gambling: Do’s and Don’ts

Drinking and gambling have become synonymous with each other, but the two shouldn’t go together. Whether you love to gamble for the entertainment factor or are always looking to make some extra Rand, there are certain things that you should avoid. We’ve put together a list of the necessary drinking and gambling do’s and don’ts to help you out.

If you stick to the guidelines we’ve covered below, you’ll give yourself the best chance at always having an enjoyable gaming experience.

Drinking and Gambling Isn’t the Best Combination

You might be shocked to learn that there are significant percentages of people within our communities that suffer from alcoholism and subsequent gambling addiction. Without diving deep into all the details, these two conditions cause similar reactions and affect the brain.

Either of these can be devastating, but the issue is compounded heavily when they are co-occurring.

It’s best to keep the two activities separate, but we aren’t ignorant. If you are going to drink while enjoying your gambling, please remember the following do’s and don’ts!

What to Remember When Mixing Drinking and Gambling

Take Breaks

It’s important that you take breaks from gaming and consuming alcohol. Always play in moderation and ensure that you take the same approach to your drink orders!

Separate rounds with a glass of water; this will keep you feeling ‘fresh’ in your mind for as long as possible.

Taking breaks will reduce the volume of time you spend on tables or the slots and save you a considerable amount of losses.

Keep Track

Always stay in control of your session and keep track of your:

  • Remaining bankroll budget
  • How much that you’ve bet so far
  • How long that you’ve been playing for

On top of these three components to track, remember to keep in mind what your goals were in the first place. This will help you to know when is the right time to stop playing.

Maintain Casino Ettiquete

Gambling games are supposed to be enjoyable, and the whole experience should always be friendly. Always be on your best behaviour and consider how you are interacting with dealers, other players — also think about how you are acting when keeping to yourself.

It’s almost a given that you will experience a down period when you play, getting hit with some losses, for example. This is all part of the gambling experience, and your level of intoxication is never an excuse for how you treat others.

Listen to the Dealer

Its common sense at all times to show respect and listen to the dealer. Always be less of a distraction and if you aren’t entirely aware of a game, watch the action first and come to grips with how to play.

What to Avoid When Drinking and Gambling

Skill-Based Casino Games

When you’re consuming alcohol, you limit your brain’s receptors that are responsible for decision making. It makes sense that if you are playing under the influence of alcohol, then you should avoid any games that require significant player input. This is also applicable for games that feature a skill-component to increase chances of winning.

You’re bound to make mistakes, so stick to straight forward games like the slots, keno, craps, or even roulette is ok.

Using Your Smartphone

It won’t matter if your texting someone you met on tinder, on a call with an old friend, or playing Among Us. The casino isn’t the place to be using your smartphone. We have included this one here because players tend to whip out their phone after they’ve had a few.

Playing Longer Than You Should

Don’t overstay your bankroll’s welcome! If you’ve used up all of your Rand, don’t go looking to get more and ‘keep the party going! Go back to your room or leave the casino (log off if playing at the SA online casinos).

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