Music Popular in SA that You Might Hear in Casinos

Not everyone may have had the luxury of visiting some of the premier casinos and entertainment venues throughout South Africa. Some of us are still oblivious to the fact that our most prominent and brightest casinos are more than just home to the best slots and table games. Many of these places have transformed into proverbial entertainment hotspots featuring the best in music and comedy. 

So, what are the types of music popular in South Africa that you might hear in casinos during a night out? Here you will find out just that, plus we look at some of the homegrown talents continuing to make a name for themselves in South Africa and across the globe.

What Events and Entertainment Will You Find at Casinos

Casinos are no longer just the home of gambling and gaming thrills. Nowadays, casinos are some of the most compelling tourist attractions too.

What these casino entertainment venues offer is an all-in-one home for everything you need to have a good time. Whether it is a lekker evening catching up with friends and watching the Super Rugby or Premier League in the bar, or dancing the night away under the lights on the disco floor – South African casinos have you covered.

Some of the entertainment and events you can catch at these places include:

  • Local DJs
  • Live bands and musicians
  • Themed cuisine and music nights
  • Sporting events
  • Comedy shows
  • Theatrical events and performances

You can even mix business with pleasure and host work events or functions; the possibilities are endless.

Popular Music in South Africa

The South African music scene is bustling with creative sounds and infectious singing that makes you want to move about. While the industry is global, the music we listen to is quite varied across generations and has changed quite a bit with influences over the decades.

Music Genres Over the Years

The 1960s

In the 1960s the music was all about the sound of soul and jazz.

The 1970s

The 1970s brought more variety to our ears, with Mgqashiyo and Isicathamiya, punk rock, disco sounds, and rock all taking centre stage.

The 1980s

Along with the 80s came more flavour to the sounds we enjoyed. This decade saw the fusion of alternative rock, and Afrikaans, the intro of gothic rock, reggae tones started to soar, there was bubblegum (pure SA pop music).

The 80s also saw the Afrikaans language begin to take over genres with the Voëlvry movement.

The 1990s

With the 90s came many new rhythms. As the media was liberalised, gospel records became popular, along with alternative sounds, metal, and techno bands.

The 2000s

At the turn of the century, South Africa saw the blues-rock scene grow, and slower house music, kwaito, became a unique SA sound. 

Drum and bass and psytrance came out from the shadows, but the real turning point was the breakthrough of two eclectic groups – BLK JKS and Die Antwoord.

Popular SA Musicians

South Africa has an impressive variety of musically talented artists and entertainers, many of which are often performing throughout the top SA casinos and entertainment venues.

So, who are these artists that are setting the stage on fire?


An Afrikaans rapper with a career in the music industry which has spanned three decades since he first started preparing a mixtape at the age of 15. He started out being known as Lekgola – which translates to ‘the white guy’ in Sotho.

In 2005 he took the name Snotkop during his time in a boy band. However, 2012 was the year that he saw the most success, with his 12-track album ‘Ek Laaik Van Jol’.

King Monada

King Monada is a man of many talents having seen success as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Monada’s name went international in recent years with his hits ‘Malwedhe’ and ‘Idibala’ seeing a great response.

Babes Wodumo

Babes Wodumo is a famous gqom artist. Gqom is a form of electro dance music. Babes recently featured on the hit song ‘Redemption’ from the Black Panther soundtrack. She has soared to great heights with her gqom hits. Her fusion of South African house, hip-hop, kwaito, with raw and minimalistic sounds over a heaving bass leaves fans wanting more.

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