Top 10 Casino Etiquette Rules You Can’t Forget

If you are mostly an online casino player, then you may be unaware of the do’s and don’ts of playing at your local brick and mortar casino. Other than the basic ‘in-house’ rules, there are some essential etiquette points that all players should be aware of. 

Read our top 10 casino etiquette rules that you can’t afford to forget –and save yourself the hassle of upsetting the dealers, pit bosses and management, as well as fellow players!

What You Wear Matters

Dress codes are different everywhere. In many countries, casinos are strict on clothing and shoes, while some of the larger casinos in Vegas are somewhat lax and will allow thongs and singlets.

In general, the norm is to opt for a smarter look, featuring a snazzy dress shirt and pants or jeans, topped off with dress shoes. 

Also, no basketball shoes or thongs — no one cares about how much of a baller you look.

Buying Chips

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Each table (or casino game) will have different minimum and maximum bets that you can place, so make sure that you have taken note of this information –which can be found on the displays or the machines.

Trust us, it’s important — you will look like a complete beginner trying to place a $5 bet when the table minimum is $10.

Also, when you are looking to exchange or purchase more chips, you should never hand the dealer or croupier your cash directly. Always place the amount you wish to change on the table in front of the dealer or croupier, who will then make the exchange and announce what they are doing.

Selfie Sticks Stay at Home

Unless you want to come face-to-face with casino security, leave your selfie stick at home. 

Overall, your mobile phone should always be in your pocket or your bag. There is just no need to have it out, and casinos do not like players to be happy snapping everywhere.

If you want to remember the visit, head to the gift shop and purchase an overpriced souvenir instead.

Mobile Phones 101

Like we said, keep your phone away. When it comes to using your phone or hearing it ringing, it is considered very rude to other players (plus distracting).

Dealers at many casinos down under will ask that you switch off your mobile phone when sitting down at a table.


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Always drink responsibly — and while we recommend not drinking while playing gambling games, we do get it: people love to have a drink when playing or heading out to the casino.

While these casinos can be exciting and fun, they are also a venue where responsible adults go to have fun and chill playing their favorite games.

Avoid getting wasted with excessive consumption, or you will affect your experience and that of other players.

Pay Attention to the Dealer

The dealer or croupier is in charge of the game, so it’s only fitting to ensure that you always listen to them.

It is best to follow the game and not annoy other players sitting at the table. However, if you are struggling to understand the dealer, then we recommend taking some time to sit and listen before playing.

Some casinos even offer classes ‘in house’ to learn how to follow standard casino protocols.

Chip Etiquette

For the love of the gambling gods, make sure you know which color or designs are your chips!

It is also essential to understand how to make a bet and never try to touch or move chips (or other players’ chips) during play.

If you are not sure how to make a bet, observe first, or ask the dealer for help.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Remain calm, and never lash out towards other players or staff when you find yourself in a losing streak.

Toss a Coin to Your Dealer

Many casinos expect players to tip their dealer when leaving a table, but never feel pressured into tipping larger amounts – even if you won big during your session.

A couple of bucks are more than ok for a small win, and five to ten dollars is excellent for more substantial wins. It is your cash, and you decide how much to tip.

Cashing Out Your Chips

If you wish to cash out your chips between rounds, let the dealer know you’re looking to cash out.

The dealer will then hand you the equivalent of cash chips (which are different from those you play with), which can then be taken to a cashier.

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