What To Expect at a Blackjack Table

Before you play a game of blackjack, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game, as well as some of the popular variations before you head out to the casino or log in to play online. Here we will cover a few essential aspects of the rules and table etiquette, giving you an understanding of what to expect at a blackjack table.

The Blackjack Table Layout

As there are several variations of blackjack, the table layouts will vary depending on the game you choose to play. For the table itself, there will usually be between five to seven players able to be seated. However, you will typically find a few people standing behind the seated players spectating.

Behind the table (in front of the seated players) will be the dealer, and what you need to take notice of here is the deck for the game. Is this a single deck or a larger multi-deck game? Also, look at whether the cards are being dealt with by the dealer manually or are they shuffled and dealt with by a machine.

Playing Your Preferred Game

Playing at a local casino, each table will feature just one variation of blackjack at a time. Depending on your casino, you will be able to know which game is being played by the signage around the table.

This signage could be in the form of a standing sign, digitally across monitors around the table area, whereas some casinos may have the game variation included within the table felt.

Once you have decided on your preferred game and located your table, it is time to take your seat and get ready to place your bets once your round starts. If you are holding cash and do not have chips, do not put your money in the betting circle, place your money to the side and wait for the dealer to buy you in and provide you with chips.

It is worth noting that not all casinos allow you to convert cash to chips at tables, instead requesting that players visit the cashier.

Dealing the Cards

casino deck of cards

The dealer will distribute cards to all players starting from the left, known as first base plus one to the dealer – the upcard. The dealer repeats and places their second card – the hole card, face down and underneath the upcard.

It will vary from casino to casino, but you may play at a casino that permits handling of the cards, in which case they will be dealt face down. When you pick them up, you must only use one hand and ensure they remain over the table and in plain sight. 

Once all players have their two cards, the dealer will ask each in turn what they want to do. These decisions must be made using a hand gesture, and not vocally, this is for security reasons enabling the cameras to record your hand motions. 

If you want to stand (not receive another card) then wave your hand across your cards, and if you’re going to hit (receive another card) then tap or scratch the table.

Winning Blackjack Games 

Whether you are playing online casino blackjack games or playing at your local casino, the objective of blackjack remains the same – to get a hand that totals 21 or is close to a value of 21 without going over.

You won’t be playing against other players though; instead, you will be playing against the dealer.

There are a variety of strategies involved with playing blackjack games, and we recommend checking out our blackjack games guide for more information.

Splitting Hands and Increasing Bets

When playing casino blackjack games, certain variations allow players to double down on their bet for an extra card, as well as when you are dealt a pair, and there is the option to split them and play as two separate hands with an equivalent bet.

There you have it, we’ve covered some of the things that you should expect at a blackjack table. If you are interested in playing games of blackjack, we recommend testing your skill and playing online casino blackjack games at Yebo Casino.

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