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The game of blackjack is one of the simplest for new players to learn how to play, which is probably why it is gaining in popularity, both online and in physical casinos, every day. In the game of European blackjack, the odds are more in favour of the player rather than the dealer, than in other variations since in the European game, only two decks of cards are used. Of course, when playing online blackjack, there is no way to tell how many decks of cards are being used, so it is understandable that many who play i struggle to see a difference between this variation and any of the others. 

How to Play European Blackjack

As in most games of blackjack, the cards are dealt to the player and the dealer, and based on the value of those cards, either side will win if they are able to come as close as possible to a value of 21 without going bust. Perhaps one of the most common things you may notice in this variation though, is that the dealer has to stand on a soft 17, whereas in many of the other versions of the game, the dealer is bound by having to stand on a soft 16. This basically means that if you have a total of 18 and the dealer has a total of 17, they will not be able to deal themselves another card, and you will win.

Playing blackjack European version is a relatively simple adjustment if you have played other version of blackjack before. You have the option to hit or stand when you have been dealt your cards, and if you have the right cards, can choose to double or split. As with other variations too, you can also choose to take out insurance if it looks as though the dealer may have a blackjack. When you play at a table in a physical casino, making the decision to take insurance, to split your hand or to double is not an easy one and you have to take the time to think through the consequences. However, when you play online blackjack, the decision is a lot simpler. The algorithms built into the game are created to process the strategy and present you with the option to either make a certain call or not. If the dealer has an ace showing for example, most online blackjack games will present you with the option to take out insurance. You can choose to do it or not.

So what really distinguishes European Blackjack rules from the rules of other variants, such as American blackjack? In truth, the two are relatively similar and if you were to play one and then the other online, you probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference. It is really in physical casinos that you will see a difference between the European version of blackjack and others, since the cards are dealt from different numbers of decks. When playing online, try your hand at all of the versions of blackjack and see if you can determine whether European blackjack is different to any other version. Looking for an alternative to Euro Blackjack? Why not try our card game Pontoon, it is considered an earlier version of blackjack and is only available at Real Time Gaming casinos. Alternatively if you are looking for another popular card game try our version of the famous Red Dog card game.