Find quick answers to your questions by reading Yebo casino’s most frequently asked questions; and feel free to contact our support team by email, live chat or by phone if your particular question is not answered.


Is your system secure?
With Yebo casino, all your personal and financial information is fully protected. We use encrypted standard security technology software used by major financial institutions for all information communication between the player and the casino server.

How safe are my credit card details? 
Yebo casino’s online credit card system is easy and totally secure to use. All credit cards details and communications are encrypted using the most secure software used by banks and other major financial institutions.

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Is there an age Limit to play at Yebo Casino? 
Yes; only persons older than 18 years are accepted in Yebo casino,


How can I download the free software? 
Yebo casino can quickly and easily be installed on your computer; just by clicking on the download button. From there, you just have to follow the easy instructions upon installing the software.

I have downloaded Yebo casino but cannot find it? 
Follow those steps to find Yebo casino icon on your computer:
Click on ‘start’ then ‘search’ then ‘file and folders’ (alternatively, press the windows key + F simultaneously) in the search field, type in “Yebo casino” and click ‘search now’. After following those steps, if you still are unable to find the casino, then your casino downloading did not complete. In this case, just go back to our website and try again. You only need to download the casino once.

I cannot connect to Yebo casino server 
This problem can be either the internet connection is lost; or it is poor and slow or you have firewalls blocking the casino software to operate.

What to do when the machines keep spinning?
In most instances it means you lost your internet connection. You can just log out and log back into your account. You will not lose your game session since the gaming server will complete the action and you will be able to see your last transaction.


Can i have more than one casino account open on the same computer?
No, unfortunately, you are not allowed to open 2 casino accounts using the same computer. Yebo casino allows you only one casino account per computer and per household. You can contact our support team in the event you want to have an additional account.

I have forgotten my password
Should you forget your password simply use our “forgotten password” feature available in the download software platform.

I locked my casino account (after 3 attempts) 
You can contact our support team via our online chat, email or toll free number and we will reset your password after having confirmed your personal details.

Why I don’t receive any Yebo Casino’s Emails and promotions?
Some emails from Yebo casino are accidentally blocked by email provider; this can prevent you from receiving mails and some relevant promotions from the casino. You can always check in your spam or junk email box; or simply add on your email contact list.


How do I make a deposit into my account?
It is very easy to make a deposit in Yebo casino, all you have to do is to go to “cashier”, then “deposit’; chose your preferred deposit method amongst all our different deposit methods. At this level, you can either register your credit card in the casino if it was not done previously; or you can chose to deposit using web wallets accounts available in the casino.

How can i register my credit card in the casino and can i use another credit card in my account?
On the cashier page, click on the icon corresponding to your credit card, and then just follow the easy instructions. You are allowed to register up to 5 credit cards in Yebo casino. Players are strictly forbidden to use, register or deposit using a credit card belonging to a third party.

How do I cash out my winnings and how long does it take?
To cash in your winnings, click on the ‘Bank’ button; then the ‘withdrawal’ button and chose your payment method and the amount you wish to withdraw in the box. This is automatically recorded in the software and will be processed accordingly. 
Note that a mandatory waiting period of 24 hours is required before any processing payment of winnings and also, for security reasons and in order to obstruct fraud, Yebo casino do ask our players to confirm their identity upon their first withdrawal by requesting relevant documentation such as a copy of your proof of identity, address, copies of credit cards, a signed approval purchase history and/or other appropriate documentation.

I made a withdrawal, but have changed my mind. How can I cancel a withdrawal request?
All pending cash-ins may be reversed simply by selecting this option in the banking section of Yebo casino. The player has to click on reverse and insert the desired amount.

Why are my purchases being rejected? 
This is a general issue when you are depositing using a credit card. It is a blocking security institution established by most credit card providers in relation to internet fraud, and we have no control over it. 
First you have to make sure that the your credit card is registered into your casino account; and if after registering your credit card you are still unable to deposit, You can either contact your financial institution or contact our support team to give you some alternatives deposits methods such as web wallets that you can use to bypass this problem.