Real Money Mobile Casino Games

Playing mobile casino games in South Africa is a great way to keep yourself entertained for a few minutes, or a few hours, and using your smartphone or tablet to play, you could even win some money wherever you are. There are currently hundreds of mobile casinos available on app stores and as mobi sites that you can download and play. Most of the larger casinos around the world offer their players the chance to play mobile free casino games from their phones. But does playing on your mobile offer you the same kind of experience you would get playing on your computer?

Many would answer this question with a resounding "yes". However, given the different screen sizes, a desktop casino site and a mobile casino site will have some obvious disparities. Some of these include the number of games that are available to players. On mobile units, the number of games available will be limited to ensure that the size of the site is small enough to allow for great usability. This means that you will have fewer game choices on your phone than you do on your computer, as the size of the mobi site needs to be kept to a minimum.

Another difference you may notice when playing is the casino's look and feel. While free casinos games for mobile will stay almost exactly the same as their desktop counterparts, the casinos themselves may look quite different when viewed on your computer rather than on your phone. This again, is a file size issue. On your computer, casinos will do their best to try and create an immersive experience, that is, to try and use design, sound and functionality to make you feel as though you are in a real casino. Because the processor on your phone is smaller than that of your computer, casinos have to cut down on some of these features to ensure that the site works well and so what you see on your computer may be very different to what you see on your phone.

If you're planning on a playing online casino games on phones rather than on your computer, you will probably notice one similarity between the two. For both desktop as well as mobile use, casinos will store their games on their own servers rather than on your computer at first. When you want to play, you will have to download that particular game. This is something that casinos do to try and keep their files sizes to a minimum. If you were to download every single one of the many mobile casino games to your computer, you would need a lot of storage space. For mobile, you would probably not have enough space to store all of the games.

If you're planning on playing mobile casino games, take note of the some of the points mentioned here to ensure you have a good experience, but above all, have fun, try out a few different casinos and games and most importantly, good luck.